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Stop the insanity and get your focus back onto what really matters in life: your Faith, your Family, your Finances, and your Future. Sit back, listen, and change the trajectory of your life with your hosts Teresa Kuhn and Rick Sapio.

EP. 65 | An Alternative Path to Parenting PART III

Parents should be teaching kids how to be businesspeople. In this episode, you’ll hear how Teresa planted the seed in her son early on by exposing him to different entrepreneurial experiences. Read More

EP. 64 | An Alternative Path to Parenting PART II

In today’s American culture, it seems that parents spend an inordinate amount of time protecting their children from hard work and the realities of life. They don’t realize this until it’s too late, and they’ve raised a life-long dependent. Read More

EP. 63 | An Alternative Path to Parenting PART I

Many of us have tremendous influence over our children and grandchildren. In this episode, hear from Teresa and her son Keating Kuhn as Teresa shares some very unique perspectives on raising a hard-working entrepreneurial son. Read More

EP. 62 | Why is $17 Trillion Sitting in the Bank?

We find it mind-blowing that more than $17 trillion is sitting in savings accounts inside banks across the United States, earning on average LESS than 1% per year. We believe this is due to an awareness issue, and the fact that most Americans don’t know about products like the 100-Year Savings Solution. Read More

EP. 61 | Creating vs. Consuming

We are seeing that there is a great divide happening in our society. This divide is NOT between right and left, or sleep and awake, but between those who consume and those who create. While absorbing information is important for growth, you also need to use what you learn to create and share with others. Read More

EP. 60 | The 100-Year Savings Solution

Almost $17 trillion dollars is sitting in savings accounts gaining pathetic returns. Most of the time, less than 1%! WHY? We believe this is because people are not aware of their options! Historically, whole life insurance has been one of the safest and most tax-efficient savings options available to Americans, yet, it remains one of the most misunderstood financial products out there. Read More

EP. 59 | O.H.I.O. – Only Handle It Once

In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss the organizational principle known as OHIO, which is an acronym for “Only Handle It Once”. OHIO is the idea of tackling a task or making a decision immediately so as to avoid having to revisit it, saving you both time and energy later on. Read More

EP. 58 | Remembering & Creating

Our Remembering and Creating Exercise has helped thousands of people over the past several years transition into a new year with a clear vision for achieving their goals. This quick, 2-page exercise is the BEST exercise to have with your team or your family. Reflect on what you have accomplished in 2020, and start planning on what you want to tackle in 2021. Read More

EP. 57 | 100-Year, Memorable Family Values

A simple way for families to create a legacy-oriented set of values is by using your last name and finding a value that lines up with each letter of your last name. This simple exercise allows you to create a memorable list of values for your kids, assigning their meanings, and giving something very actionable to your child’s legacy. Start with a philosophical Read More

EP. 56 | The Toleration Tendency

In this episode, Rick and Teresa shed light on what we are tolerating, what it costs us, and how we can change it. The majority of us are tolerating massive amounts of negative habits, negative people, and negative situations in our lives and we aren’t doing a damn thing about it. Why?! Make a list of all the bad things you tolerate and realize that you have a choice in Read More

EP. 55 | Team Building with Strengths & Weaknesses

By balancing out strengths and weaknesses between players, you can greatly increase the probability of success of your team. When it comes to business, founders often hire people that are similar to them, when in fact they should be doing the exact opposite. Read More

EP. 54 | Mastermind Groups

Have you considered joining or starting a Mastermind Group? In this episode, Teresa and Rick talk about the tremendous lifetime value that can come from having a weekly, fixed-meeting with a solid group of like-minded, committed learners. Because birds of a feather flock together, why not create a flock of very successful people? Read More

EP. 53 | The War Room

In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss the concept of ”The War Room.” This game-changing activity involves getting all the important members of any business or family together in one room and should be done at least annually. This gathering is called a War Room because, during this meeting, the group completes a full current assessment of the company or family as it stands, followed by creating the goals and critical plans for the immediate future.Read More

EP. 52 | Prepare Your Own Eulogy

When you think about what will be written on your tombstone, it can give you a true north direction for your life. Human experience is to know that our lives mattered. Have you ever imagined what the people closest to you will say about you after you have died? Have your spouse and your close friends write your eulogy as if you are dead. Then consider the “Coffin Exercise,” where each person reads what they wrote to you. Read More

EP. 51 | Mastering Life Priorities

Do you find yourself constantly overcommitting and saying YES to time-wasting people, activities, and behaviors? It is best to ONLY focus on your life priorities, as opposed to spending time on the massive number of distractions that surround us. Write down the 25 things you’d like to accomplish. Then circle the top 5 from that list. Read More

EP. 50 | How Relevant is Formal Education Today?

Why doesn’t the government and schools teach our kids more about how to be successful adults? So much today that is defined as education is really propaganda. Education should be about equipping kids for life as an adult. Circumstances today, more than ever, allow us to home school and self-educate. Read More

EP. 49 |Purpose vs. Food, Drink, Entertainment & Circus

Rather than watching the players on the field of life, why not BE the person on the field, and have other people watching you? Stop the nonsense and so many types of diversions so that you can be fully present with your purpose! Read More

EP. 48 |Analysis Paralysis vs. Courage

Stop over-thinking things! Do you know people who analyze things to death before finally coming to a decision? Are you one of those people? In this episode, Rick & Teresa discuss how we must identify our instincts and values, then always trust the two in our decision-making process. Read More

EP. 47 | Faith, Abundance & Gratitude

Why are the people that seem to have the most, often the least appreciative of what they have? We all have a choice when we wake up in the morning- What kind of day am I going to have today? Read More

EP. 46 | Kill Snakes When They Are Small

Consider that every single problem you’ve ever had was caused by NOT deciding to get a bad person or a bad habit out of your life as soon as you could. We pay a heavy price when we don’t kill snakes when they are small. Read More

EP. 45 | Dating, Values & Finances

Money is an opportunity in a relationship.  When couples work together toward a common vision, they can do anything. In this episode, Teresa interviews Rick on how to manage yourself in the world of dating when it comes to money and finances. Read More

EP. 44 | Self-Governance

Self-governance is about understanding that you have control over your environment and then taking responsibility for what that environment consists of. Our culture has shifted from a self-governing culture to a “wait for someone to give me something or tell me what to do” culture. Read More

EP. 43 | Financial Predators

When it comes to investments, most people like to think they are the predator, when in fact they are actually the prey. Both large and small companies have preyed on people with money since the beginning of time. Read More

EP. 42 | Cathedral Thinking

In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss “Cathedral Thinking,” which is a concept they created to explain the importance of adding a long-term consciousness to ALL of your daily decisions. We believe that it’s important to see how your minute by minute decisions can affect your life 20 years or more in the future, Read More

EP. 41 | The Social Dilemma

The only 2 industries in which people are referred to as “Users” are the tech industry and the illegal-drug industry. In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss the newly released Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. In this film, we’re shown how corporations Read More

EP. 40 | How Much Do You Really Know About Investing?

How does one have enough time to make a living, take care of family, AND then become an expert in different ways of investing? They likely don’t. Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing, and when it comes to investing- common sense is your best friend. Read More

EP. 39 | We Are FULL

Today’s society has an addiction to information. It’s almost as if we have an addiction to adding things to our lives. Ask yourself: Why is every minute of every day of my life FULL? Read More

EP. 38 | Objectives-Based Decision Making With Finances

Today’s investors are overloaded with information on market performance. In this episode, you’ll learn why it is imperative that you tune out the noise, and refrain from buying or selling under pressure. Most importantly: always let your objectives lead your investing. Read More

EP. 37 | Eliminate. Delegate. Automate.

These days, our lives are filled to the brim and overflowing with stress, anxiety, and distractions. How can you become radically more productive? How can you simplify your life to cut out the chaos? Read More

EP. 36 | What is Your Wealth Probability Index?

Rick and Teresa take a deep dive into the Wealth Probability Index, created by The 100-Year Savings Solution™. We have created The Wealth Probability Index (WPI) as a self-guided tool that assesses your likelihood of creating generational wealth, or a legacy of wealth that will provide you and your family with simplicity, probability, and leverage in your financial life, now and into the future. Read More

EP. 35 | The Distinction Between Values & Purpose

In this episode, Teresa and Rick sit down to discuss the clarifying difference between values and purpose. A value is defined as something you do for yourself to improve your life, for example, “I value eating healthy”. Your purpose is something that improves the world, such as “My purpose is to cure hunger worldwide.” Read More

EP. 34 | What 9/11 Taught Us About Our Finances

Many people who died during 9/11, left behind spouses and families who were not aware of or prepared to manage the finances. In this episode, Rick and Teresa talk about the importance of having your finances in order and your wealth PROTECTED. Bad things are inevitable and happen to us all. However, most “negative” things that happen to us, can actually improve our lives and help us create wisdom. Read More

EP. 33 | Removing The Mask

In this episode, Teresa and Rick sit down to talk about you can free yourself up to the most fulfilling life possible by removing the “mask” that is holding you back. You are NOT your current circumstances or your past. You ARE your purpose and your future. Read More

EP. 32 | The Millionaire Next Door

You can’t always judge wealth by appearance. Your neighbors may be wealthier than you think, and your seemingly “rich” friends could be exactly the opposite. In this episode, Teresa and Rick sit down to discuss two popular books: The Millionaire Next Door, and The Next Millionaire Next Door. Read More

EP. 31 | Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship and Independence

The greatest gift you can give to a child is to teach them the importance of being independent. American kids today seem to be connected to an I.V. drip of never-ending video games, social media, and screens. There is a frustrating commitment to things that are not real, tangible, and/or value-generating. Read More

EP. 30 | Life is NOT Fair

Life is not fair. It never has been and it won’t ever be. We are all living, breathing human beings, given opportunities to make something of ourselves every single day. Rick and Teresa talk about how we should not fall into the trap of waiting for fairness or feeling like we are victims.Read More

EP. 29 | Using Rhythms to Amplify Time

Adding weekly calendar rhythms to your personal life and your business is a very simple step you can take to get more done and have a more fulfilling life. We have become a medicated, lethargic, lazy, media-binge-watching society. A way out of this funk is to take control of your life, and your calendar. Read More

EP. 28 | “Long-Termism” as an Operating Principle

A simple way to radically improve the quality of your life is to embrace “Long-Termism” as an operating principle in your life. In this episode, Rick explains the idea of “Long-Termism”, and how moving your mindset to focus on decades into the future can impact the decisions you make today. Read More

EP. 27 | How To Work In The 21st Century

We have trained ourselves to have incredibly short attention spans, due to the electronic leash and electronic “buzz” that is always on. This has caused the average American to have an attention span between only 7 and 13 seconds. Read More

EP. 26 | The New Profit Paradigm


In this episode, Rick teaches how to align all of your resources to produce the most value in the marketplace and achieve more success. We believe that individuals and organizations need to learn how to partner, outsource, and leverage resources so that they can do more with less. Read More

EP. 25 | The Battle for Your Money Begins in Your Mind


Here’s the truth: Personal finance isn’t just about the math. Your words, thoughts, emotions, relationships, and past history affect your relationship with money. In this episode, Teresa sits down with Christine Luken, known as “The Financial Lifeguard,” to discuss emotions and money. Read More

EP. 24 | Why Individuals Make Terrible Investors


We all have financial regrets. Things we bought, bills we paid late, decisions we didn’t research. But people have NO idea how bad they are at investing. Over time their results far underestimate their actual returns. Read More

EP. 23 | A Tribute to an Extraordinary Life


In this episode, Teresa shares a story with Rick about her dear friend who sustained a spinal cord injury that ultimately changed her life. Although paralyzed from the neck down, due to her positive attitude despite odds against her, she lived a fulfilling life and became a role model for Teresa and for many others. Read More

EP. 22 | Donut Shop Punch Card


In this episode, Teresa and Rick talk about the ten MAJOR decisions people make in life, and how to view those as a punch card. Think about the top ten decisions one makes over the course of their life, and the consequence of when we choose poorly. Important decisions like- Who you have a child with? Read More

EP. 21 | Rules-Based Decision Making


Life can be much easier when you have some rules in place that guide your decisions. These simple rules can save you massive drama later in life. In this episode, Rick sits down with Teresa to discuss streamlining your life, so your decisions become more consistent and aligned with your objectives. Read More

EP. 20 | The Man in the Arena

It is important to be willing to fail in life. The more you fail, the more the odds are of you being successful and fulfilled. In this episode, Rick and Teresa talk about the feeling of accomplishment, and how you should always play life on the field, not in the stands. Read More

EP. 19 | Total Life Fulfillment

The goal of any life should be to live a well-lived and fulfilling life, such that, when one looks back, they see many accomplishments in accordance with a pre-established set of consistent values. This type of life leaves a legacy for all to see. In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss how chasing happiness is too short term. Read More

EP. 18 | Generating vs. Consuming

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those whose main focus is on generating and creating new things for humanity, and those who consume, I.e. spend blocks of time staring at screens, over-consuming food, drugs, and alcohol, etc. Which one do you want to be? Read More

EP. 17 | Big Media, Big Medical, Big Government

We have three MASSIVE institutions governing our lives and teaching us and our families how to think and what to think. The big idea is that “Self Governance” if the most effective way to live. We all know that Bigger is not always better. Read More

EP. 16 | Treat Money Like It’s Sacred

In this episode, Teresa and Rick talk about how our culture of consumerism and keeping up with the Jones’s has been costly. The American culture has evolved into a culture in which we over-consume and we don’t focus on saving money. We now have opportunities to build real wealth by investing more wisely, and by spending far less than we earn. Read More

EP. 15 | Create A Life By Design

Do you want a life by design, designed by you? Or, do you want a life by default? We need to design our lives with the long-term in mind and live into it. When we feel like we are not in control of our lives, we can develop anxiety or depression. Read More

EP. 14 | Teresa Kuhn Interviews Judge Jeanine Pirro

Judge Jeanine Pirro is known for speaking her mind on a variety of subjects. In this episode, Teresa Kuhn sits down with Judge Jeanine to discuss the 100-Year Savings Solution™ and why it’s one of the better options to protect your retirement. Read More

EP. 13 | How To Get a Job on the Titanic

We are planning for jobs on the Titanic, which means jobs that will NOT be there in the future. In this episode, Rick and Teresa discuss how we as a society have created a generation of untrained people, that are not ready emotionally or skills-wise for an unknown future. Read More

EP. 12 | Simplicity, Probability & Leverage


There are three very important operating values that will empower your business and personal life. These values are Simplicity, Probability, and Leverage. Values are not just soft descriptors. Read More

EP. 11 | Make Relationship Decisions Based on Values


The decision of who you marry or who you partner with maybe the most important decision you make in your entire life. Why do so many of us take this important decision so lightly? Read More

EP. 10 | Are You Taking Too Much Risk with Your Money?


When is the last time you took an inventory of all of your finances? You should always be aware of what percentage of your money is at risk. We see it all the time- people aren’t as financially educated as they should be. Read More

EP. 09 | Who’s in Your Room?


Can you imagine living a better life? Would you like to surround yourself with more supportive people? There’s hope! You see, the quality of your life depends on the people in your life. In this episode, Rick introduces you to the concept of your life being like a room—a room where anyone who enters affects your life forever. Read More

EP. 08 | Is Nostalgia an Anchor in Your Life?


Rick and Teresa discuss how nostalgia is holding you back from living your life at full potential in the four areas of the Money4Life focus: Faith Family Finances and Future. It is very hard to plan your best life, when you are living, and holding onto your past. Read More

EP. 07 | The Catalyzing Statement


In this episode, Rick and Teresa teach you what a Catalyzing Statement is, and how it can radically change everything. Creating one for your life or business allows everyone to visually see, in their mind’s eye, EXACTLY what you want to do, while they also become emotionally attached to it. Read More

EP. 06 | Simplicity


Why not simplify your life? This will increase your overall life fulfillment. In this episode, you will learn how to leverage your time and resources, to produce MORE with less. It begins with a couple of simple questions: Do I want a more fulfilling life? What is truly important to me? Read More

EP. 05 | Question Everything; Including College


Many of the assumptions you hold near and dear may not be true at all- like college. Discuss with your children or grandchildren what they want their future to look like. Take steps now to help them achieve that future. Read More

EP. 04 | Happiness vs. Fulfillment


Have you ever thought about the distinction between happiness and fulfillment? Happiness is short-term and fleeting, like chasing a butterfly. Fulfillment is a permanent reward for a well-lived life. It is achieved by being clear about where you are headed in life and eliminating any short-term fixes. Read More

EP. 03 | Values-Based Decision Making


All of us have values. The question is whether not your decisions are being made in alignment with those values. Stop the chaos and insanity that is modern-American life, and decide to write down your values and what they mean to you. Read More

EP. 02 | Are You Being Programmed by Society?


Have you ever considered that you may be accepting your life versus designing your life? Whether we like it or not, we are all being programmed by the media that we let enter our lives. The most important thing we can do is live a life against the herd. Read More

EP. 01 | The Family Placemat


Creating a permanent document for your family will ensure a lasting family legacy. By putting all your values on one placemat or document, your family has something permanent to reference forever. Running a family these days can be hard work! In order to create a legacy, it’s important that everyone in your family is aligned. Read More

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