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Our Wealth Probability Index (WPI) assesses your likelihood of creating generational wealth, or a legacy of wealth that provides you and your family with simplicity, probability, and leverage in your financial life, now and into the future.

This self-guided evaluation identifies your attitudes around money, and what those attitudes mean for your financial wellness. Take our 5-part quiz and find out your score.


Brought to you by The 100-Year Savings Solution™

Stop the insanity and get your focus back onto
the FOUR key areas that really matter in life:

Your Faith
Your Family
Your Finances
Your Future

Sit back, listen, and change the trajectory of your life with your hosts Rick Sapio and Teresa Kuhn.

Watch the full interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro


Judge Jeanine Pirro is known for speaking her mind on a variety of subjects.  In her recent interview with Teresa Kuhn (co-founder of the “100-Year Savings Solution™”), Judge Jeanine gives her unvarnished opinion on why Wall Street and banks are failing most Americans, why getting good money advice gets HARDER the older one gets, and why she is going ALL IN for a method that is bringing her greater financial peace of mind than she has ever known. 


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