What are your real odds of creating lasting wealth?

What is The 100-Year Savings Solution™?

Cash value whole life insurance that not only provides long-term financial security to your family but tax-efficiently earned an average of 3.5% over the last 5 years, with no Wall-Street Market risk. This is the top strategy that the wealthy use to safely preserve and grow their long-term wealth.

The Benefits of the Wealth Probability Index (WPI)

Our Wealth Probability Index (WPI) assesses your likelihood of creating generational wealth, or a legacy of wealth that provides you and your family with simplicity, probability, and leverage in your financial life, now and into the future.

This self-guided evaluation identifies your attitudes around money, and what those attitudes mean for your financial wellness. Take our 3-part quiz and find out your score.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Our clients are more than satisfied with their results using our out-performing, dividend-paying whole life insurance strategy to reach their long-term financial goals, without taking any unnecessary risk. Hear what real people are saying about this powerful solution below. *No two policies are the same, and your results will vary based on your goals and situation.


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